Accountable Minister

Minister for Finance and Treasury and Minister for Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigrationcema

Responsible Minister
Minister for Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration

Board of Directors

Director Position Expiry
Alpha Kimata Chairman 17/11/2011
Augustin Rose Member 17/11/2011
Ataban Tropa Member 17/11/2011
Belani Tekulu Member 17/11/2011
Jeffery Aihunu Member 17/11/2011
Lawry Wickham Member 17/11/2011
Robert Pae Kuve Member 17/11/2011
Duddley Longamei Member 17/11/2011
Danny Hicks Member 17/11/2011
Edwin Suibaea Member 17/11/2011
PS Min Commerce Member 17/11/2011


Commodity Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) under its relevant legislation have been tasked with regulating commodities under the regulator function, its activities includes; the inspection, grading and certification of the Agricultural products for the purpose of exports.

CEMA is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Accountable Ministers, being the Minister for Finance and  Minister for Commerce, Industries Labour and Immigration.

Vision and Mission
To maximise resource owners (farmer/trader/exporters) income through the following; by providing an effective and efficient regulatory service that enable exporters meet minimum market standard for their export products and by significant focus on improving in country analytical assessment as quality assurance measures towards higher value market.

Community Service Obligation

CEMA received SBD116 thousand in payments for the provision of community service obligation (CSO) in 2015 and 2016, respectively. These funding is provided to CEMA to provide in-house quality testing of varieties of agricultural commodity testing services. In 2018 CEMA received a CSO payment of $130k and in 2019 Government decided to increase CSO funding to $510K after reviewing of their CSO proposal and cost estimates. This is purposely to enable CEMA to continue to run the Mini-Laboratory.  The CSOs in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 were subject to a contract signed with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

Financial Highlights

Important Documents

  • Financial Statements: 2015 I 2016 I 2017
  • Draft Statement of Corporate Objectives 2017-2019