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timote katoanga

Rev. Timote KATOANGA

Position: Chairman

feao vakata final

Mr. Sosefo Fe’aomoeata VAKATA

Position: Deputy Chairman

siosifa tuutafaiva


Position: Board Member

george maeakafa


Position: Board Member

leonaitasi hoponoa

Dr. Leonaitasi HOPONOA

Position: Board Member

sione havard tupouniua final

Mr. Sione Harvard TUPOUNIUA

Position: Board Member

lord lasike final


Position: Board Member



Tonga Communications Corporation is part of the ICT group and its board of directors are shared with Tonga Broadcasting Commission and Tonga Post and Fast Print Limited. Directors were originally appointed for a one-year term.

Tonga Communication Corporation (TCC) was established under the Tonga Communications Corporation Act 2000 (TCC Act). The activities of the Corporation are set out in Section 15 of the TCC Act.

TCC must operate in accordance with any conditions set out in its operating license and must comply with directions, determinations and declarations given by the responsible Minister or department under the Communications Act.

TCC provides fixed line, mobile and internet services in Tonga. While fixed line growth is reasonably static, growing by just 2% in 2015, mobile phone subscriptions increased by 16% over the same period. Revenue from mobile broadband and fixed/home broadband grew 262% in the 2015 financial year compared with the previous year.

TCC is listed under the second schedule to the Public Enterprises Act and as such it is exempted by Section 5 of that Act from certain of the provisions in the Public Enterprise Act. Generally, the provisions that TCC is excluded are covered in Part VI and VII of the TCC Act. TCC is excluded from the specified provisions in the Public Enterprise Act to facilitate the partial sale of the government’s shareholding in TCC and it also acknowledges that TCC is engaged in a competitive market. TCC is listed as a priority privatization candidate in the Ministry of Public Enterprises’ SOE Ownership, Divestment and Performance Improvement policy paper.

As noted in the Asian Development Bank’s SOE benchmarking report, Finding Balance 2016: Benchmarking the Performance of SOEs in Island Countries, TCC’s value has halved between 2014 and 2012 based on an earnings multiple valuation methodology. The 2012 value was estimated at $40 million: using the same methodology the 2014 value was $26 million. The decline is attributed to substantially increased debt, raised to fund network upgrades.

Vision and Mission


To be Tonga’s no. 1 service provider for information technology & communications technology (ICT) solutions.


  • To be customer centric and exceed their expectations
  • Empower people to enjoy life to the fullest through the use of the latest technology and innovations
  • To be a good, honest, responsible corporate citizen
  • Empowerment of employees by providing them with the necessary skills in an enabling environment conducive to achieving their full potential

Financial Highlights

Audited Financial Highlights (T$’000) 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 5-yr Average
Revenue 32,293 31,157 33,484 33,337 31,352 32,325
Net Profit After Tax 1,188 (1,864) 685 3,426 169 721
CSO payments
Total Assets 72,475 81,919 78,035 77,969 79,298 77,939
Total Liabilities 25,628 37,875 32,821 29,537 30,697 31,312
Shareholders’ Funds 46,847 44,044 45,214 48,432 48,601 46,628
Avg. ROE % 3% -4% 3% 7% 0.3% 2%
Avg. ROA % 3% -2% 2% 3% 0.2% 1%
Asset Utilization 45% 38% 43% 43% 40% 42%
Cash / Current liabilities 0.04 0.04 0.08 0.19 0.12 0.09

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