Tonga Post Limited & Fast Print Limited

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Mr. Tapuvakai Panuve                   

Position         Chairperson  

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Mrs. Salote Sisifa                 

Position         Board Member  

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Mr. Siosaia Fonua                

Position         Board Member  

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Mr. Maletino Hola               

Position         Board Member  

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Tonga Post Limited is part of the ICT group and its board of directors are shared with Tonga Broadcasting Commission and Tonga Communications Corporation. The shared directors were initially appointed for a one-year term.

Tonga Post Limited was established under the Postal Services Act, which came into effect in 2007. Under this Act the Minister of Finance may designate “Tonga Post, or any other postal operator, as postal administrator for the Kingdom or any part of the Kingdom”. At the moment Tonga Post is the sole postal administrator.

Tonga post maintains a postal network of 2 post offices and 4 postal agencies across Tonga. Its main operation is the collection, processing and delivery of mail throughout Tonga and the collection and processing of outgoing mail. The SOE distributes mail to 3270 mailboxes and delivers directly to rural villages in Tongatapu and Vava’u. The outer islands are serviced through postal agents, normally Government Treasury sub-offices. There is no residential delivery service, although the SOE has been trialing the establishment of a residential delivery service in Nuku’alofa. Until recently the SOE also provided courier services, known as Express Mail Services (EMS), but ceased this in 2014.

TPL is also responsible for the production and sale of stamps and contracts out production and international marketing of new stamp issues. 90% of TPL’s mail business is international, while 10% is domestic. As is the case with many postal operators around the world, TPL’s inbound mail volumes are steadily declining.

In 2013 the activities formally undertaken by Tonga Print Limited were merged with Tonga Post and the non-commercial activities undertaken by Tonga Print were closed and that SOE liquidated. Some printing functions were retained by TPL and it established a subsidiary, Tonga Fast Print Limited, consolidated on an equity basis.

Financial Highlights

Audited Financial Highlights (T$’000) 2014 2015 2016 2017 5-yr Average
Revenue 980 1,330 1,370 3,720 1,850
Net Profit After Tax 244 (141) 89 216 102
CSO payments
Total Assets 6,785 6,698 6,842 7,420 6,936
Total Liabilities 1,117 1,392 1,398 1,935 1,461
Shareholders’ Funds 5,668 5,307 5,444 5,486 5,476
Avg. ROE % 1.29% -2.57% 1.66% 3.96% 1%
Avg. ROA % 1.14% -2.08% 1.30% 2.98% 1%
Asset Utilization 14% 20% 20% 50% 26%
Cash / Current liabilities 1.22 0.94 0.96 1.09 1.05

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