Samoa Housing Corporation

Board of Directors

Tuilaepa Eti Faaolotoi (Chair)
Rev Dr. Siaosi Salesulu
Tuialii Ropeti Chan Cheuk
Jason Annandale
Tuiloma Sina Retzlaff


The Samoa Housing Corporation was established on May 1990 under the Housing Corporation of Samoa Act 1989, amended in 2010. The purpose of SHC is to improve housing and living conditions of lower moderate income persons and families by lending money on mortgages or other security for the purposes of erecting, renewing, repairing, extending, purchasing or otherwise acquiring a home for personal occupation, or to assist the borrower to acquire land for the purpose of erecting a home for personal occupation.

SHC is also subject to:

SHC is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Minister of Public Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

SHC’s vision is “to be the active leader in the provision of finance for housing and land property for residential purposes”. Its mission is “to provide affordable housing finance by being professional and profitable to satisfy our stakeholders”.

Community Service Obligations

SHC does not apply for nor receive Community Service Obligation funding.

Financial Highlights

(ST ‘000) 2013 2014 2015 5-yr Average
Revenue 3,749 4,512 5,235 4,013
Net Profit After Tax 717 714 833 717
CSO payments 0 0 N/A N/A
Total Assets 32,151 41,279 41,722 33,168
Total Liabilities 16,110 14,293 14,319 12,857
Shareholders Funds 16,041 26,986 27,403 20,311
ROE % 4% 3% 3% 4%
ROA % 2% 2% 2% 2%
Asset Utilization 12% 11% 13% 12%
Cash / Current liabilities 0.205 0.794 N/A N/A

Important Documents

  • SHC annual accounts