Samoa Shipping Corporation

Board of Directors

Luamanuvave Taylor Mariner (Chair)
Tofa Fiu Siolo
Palea Faaolotoi Vaalele
Afioga Mataafa T Salu
Tapusoa A Fuimaono
Matautia Po’e Lilo Lauina
Fiu Taligi


The Samoa Shipping Corporation provides passenger and cargo shipping services between Upolu and Savaii and international services by charter. It operates a total of six vessels.

SSC is subject to the:

SSC is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Minister of Public Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

SSC’s vision is “To be the Leader of inter-island passenger and sea freight transportation, in Samoa and neighbouring islands”. Its mission is to “Achieve excellence in performance to improve profitability in order to maximize shareholders’ returns with regards to the SAFETY of properties and environment respecting the rights, needs and morale of its employees”.

Community Service Obligations

SSC does not provide any community service obligations.

Financial Highlights

(ST ‘000) 2013 2014 2015 5-yr Average
Revenue 23,028 23,441 23,901 23,422
Net Profit After Tax 1,722 1,659 1,904 2,158
CSO payments 0 0 N/A N/A
Total Assets 87,544 82,610 88,464 83,720
Total Liabilities 67,311 60,719 67,535 63,962
Shareholders Funds 20,233 21,892 20,929 19,758
ROE % 8.5% 7.6% 9.1% 11.2%
ROA % 2.0% 2.0% 2.2% 2.6%
Asset Utilization 26% 28% 27% 28%
Cash / Current liabilities 3.630 5.176 N/A N/A

Important Documents

  • SSC annual accounts