Unit Trust of Samoa (Management) Ltd


Oloipola Terrence Betham
Taimalie Ernest Betham

Management Company Board of Directors

Afoa Asiata Kolone Vaai (Chairman)
Tupaimatuna Iulai Lavea


The Unit Trust of Samoa was created under the Unit Trusts Act 2008, to provide “an investment vehicle for an ordinary Samoan out in the village, a small farmer or fisherman”. The establishment of the Unit Trust of Samoa is a part of the Government’s policy of partially privatizing some state owned enterprises (SOEs) and promoting wider participation by residents in the future development of Samoa.

The Unit Trust Act provides for one company to manage the Trust, and a separate and independent trustee company to hold title to all investments of the Trust. Since its inception, UTOS has invested in one privatized SOE, taking a 25% stake in Bluesky. As of 2016, the majority of UTOS investments are in short term loans to SOEs, which are guaranteed by the government.

UTOS is subject to the:

UTOS is regulated according to the Prudential Guidelines for Unit Trusts issued by the Central Bank of Samoa and effective on 1 January 2015.

Unit Trust of Samoa (Management) Limited is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Minister of Public Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

UTOS’ vision is ““to be the leading Investment vehicle in Samoa that provides a smart investment for a better future for unitholders.” Its mission is “to attract a broad base of investors and to hold diversified investment portfolio that generates maximum returns”.

Community Service Obligations

UTOS does not provide any community service obligations.

Financial Highlights

(ST ‘000) 2013 2014 2015 5-yr Average
Revenue 543 1,569 1,683 773
Net Profit After Tax -21 937 1,004 174
CSO payments 0 0 N/A N/A
Total Assets 1,030 1,770 2,446 1,206
Total Liabilities 293 96 739 258
Shareholders Funds 737 1,674 1,707 948
ROE % -3% 56% 59% -65%
ROA % -2% 53% 41% -49%
Asset Utilization 53% 89% 69% 64%
Cash / Current liabilities 2.785 11.925 N/A N/A

Important Documents