Samoa Shipping Services Limited

Board of Directors

Fuimaono Poufa Teo (Chair)
Tupuola Olialii Koki Tuala
Seumanutafa Michael Kapisi
Gaumatau Retzlaff Hunkin
Sifuiva Maureen Epati


Samoa Shipping Services (SSS) was incorporated in June 1978 and provides Samoan crewing services for international ship operators, shipping agency and stevedoring, cargo handling for both sea and air freight cargoes. SSS works with the Samoa Maritime School at the National University of Samoa to register all graduate seafarers into its system and ensure they have all documents required for employment.

SSC is subject to:

SSS is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Minister of Public Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

SSS’s vision is “Excellence and sustainable International Shipping and Crewing Services through quality performance”. Its mission is to “provide superior shipping and crewing services in accordance to international shipping and maritime standards that are sustainable and equitable for all stakeholders”.

Community Service Obligations

SSS does not provide any community service obligations.