Samoa Water Authority

Board of Directors

Matataualiitia Afa Lesa (Chair)
Gaina Tino
Tiufea Rudolf Meredith
Amiatu Catherine C L Faaolotoi
Su’a Gary Schuster
CEO Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment


The Samoa Water Authority (SWA) is a State-owned Enterprise established under the Water Authority Act 1993/1994 and continues under the Samoa Water Authority Act 2003 to provide water services in Samoa. This includes wastewater services provided only for the central business area of Apia. About 85% of the population receives water from SWA water supply (approximately 16,000 and 4,000 customers on Upolu and Savaii respectively). The majority of the remaining population receives water from independent village water schemes (District Water Committees) whilst a few collect rainwater.

SWA is also subject to the:

SWA is governed by a board of directors that is responsible to the Minister of Public Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

SWA’s vision is “To promote access to reliable, clean and affordable water services for all people in Samoa within our mandated service areas”. Its mission is “To effectively manage the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable water services to our customers”.

Community Service Obligations

SWA received ST3.47m in CSO funding in 2014, to provide electricity to borehole pumps and land leases in rural Upolu and Savaii.

Financial Highlights

(ST ‘000) 2013 2014 2015 5-yr Average
Revenue 19,937 20,650 23,400 22,297
Net Profit After Tax -5,518 2,204 -1,203 -1,593
CSO payments 2,873 3,467 N/A N/A
Total Assets 123,867 137,482 149,064 119,126
Total Liabilities 54,747 70,567 83,352 47,075
Shareholders Funds 69,120 66,915 65,712 72,051
ROE % -8% -3.3% -1.8% -2%
ROA % -4.5% -1.6% -0.8% -2%
Asset Utilization 18% 20% 16% 19%
Cash / Current liabilities 0.027 1.611 N/A N/A

Important Documents

  • SWA annual accounts